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Proposed Changes to Constitution and Bylaws - dated Dec 31, 2020

At the request of the Church Council, in 2020 a committee met to update our churches Constitution and Bylaws .The purpose of the revision is to update the document to reflect the model we have been using for the last year. Each of the Boards reviewed a draft of the changes to provide input to the process.   Below is a summary of the changes:

Remove references to a Christian Education Coordinator.
Change Article 8: Executive Body :

to include all the duties of the Finance Board, adding section 9: Fiscal Responsibility and Authority
 Changes the composition of the Church Council to the Church officers and a representative from each Board plus adding 1 at large member who will serve a 3 year term. This gives the Council the stability of the officers rotating every 2-3 years along with several 1 year members who are selected by their Boards.
Rearranges the formatting so that all committees related to the Church Council are listed in one section- Section 10.

Change Article 9:

 Each Board chooses a representative to the Church Council
 Eliminates the Finance Board and transfers those responsibilities to the Church Council. 

Change Article 10 to clarify responsibilities of the Vice Moderator, Moderator, and Past Moderator.
Change Article 11 so that electronic meetings of the Congregation, Council, Boards and Committees are allowed.